Is this training right for you?

There’s no set fee for Living the Awakened Heart. Instead, everyone makes a monthly donation of whatever they can afford.

It’s not a commercial product you buy from an organisation, but something that’s made available by the shared effort of a community. When you engage in Living the Awakened Heart, you become a member of this community, the Awakened Heart Sangha.

We encourage everyone to try to make a donation of £40 or more each month, because this creates the resources necessary to offer a powerful training to everyone.

Even if you can't give this much, you're still warmly invited to participate in the training. We don't want money to be an obstacle for anyone.

However, before you enrol please take a moment to make sure you fully understand what you're joining:

  • this is a training that seeks to engage with the most important questions possible about the nature of your being itself
  • it seeks to open up a path that can become the centre of your life
  • this path will require determination, dedication and committment
  • the training itself, even in the beginning, will require a significant investment of your time
  • most people participating in the training aim to spend an hour or more per day meditating, reflecting and studying
  • when you join the training, you're asking our volunteer mentors to give you significant amounts of their time, which they're happy to do if you are willing to make use of the help they give

If this training still sounds right for you, welcome! Please fill in the form below.

If you're not sure, please email [email protected]ku.gro.sha@ofni and describe a little about your concerns or questions.

Monthly donation
If you're considering giving less than £20, please read more about what the training involves and use the form there.