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Sat 03 Feb 2024

Losar - Saturday 10th February 

As many of us emerge from the quiet and practice of January retreat, we are looking forward to the year ahead, particularly with the celebration of Losar, Tibetan New Year, on Saturday 10th February. 

A time to say goodbye to the old year and welcome in the new, Dharma style.  Join the Hermitage in person or online for a day of practice, offerings, pranidhanas and the joy of togetherness.

For more details and to book please visit the event page on the website.

By popular request....

At the Winter Solstice, many of us gathered together, online and at the Hermitage, to welcome Lama Dashon out of his 2 year retreat.

If you missed the opportunity to join the celebrations and hear his inspiring first reflections, you can watch the recording again here.

Many people have asked how to make a donation to Lama Dashon, here's how you can support his ongoing activity.

Chöying Dzöd

In his talk, Lama Dashon refers to his study and practice with Longchenpa’s Chöying Dzöd, which consists of two texts:

The Precious Treasury of the Basic Space of Phenomena - the source verses

A Treasure Trove of Scriptural Transmissions - Longchenpa's commentary on the verses

A few people online at the event were asking about where to get a copy. Lama Shenpen recommends the above translation by Richard Barron. There is a version available online. Physical copies only appear to be available from the US on the website above.

Norbu has offered to organise an order to reduce the shared shipping costs, if enough people are interested. The split shipping cost will depend on how many people order. Please email  [email protected]ku.gro.sha@ubron if you would like to order a copy of one or both of the texts.