Body Awareness: Sunday Gathering

Let's join together to explore the intersections between vaster vision and the DHB themes!

Wed 28 Jun 2023

Sunday Gathering 30th July

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We will be coming together with Younten in July to spend a day exploring body awareness in relation to Confidence, using a very simple Qigong practice introduced by Lama Shenpen some years ago. During the mediation sessions we will gradually explore aspects of this practice together. The final session of the day will provide further opportunity to practise and space to reflect with each other.

“The essential point about these awareness exercises ... is that they are an expression of movement that emanates from the heart. The heart is mysterious and communicates itself through our body and in our speech in a precise and yet ungraspable way. Every little muscle in our face and vocal chords is able to carry that message both inwardly to ourselves and outwardly to the world and others around us."

Lama Shenpen

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For those who'd like to listen to last years Sunday Gathering talks again, Lodro has done a great job of collecting all the recordings onto this site, a treasure trove of Dharma gems!

Love, The Events Team