Mandala Principle: DHB Retreat

Join us online or in person!

Sat 24 Jun 2023

Lama Tara, Sherab and Namka invite you to join in retreat from the 8th - 15th July to explore some of the ways in which Mandala Principle can be experienced - in our daily lives, in meditation, in our bodies and our hearts, in movement and in stillness … and maybe just touching on that profound mystery at the heart of our being…. And we’ll see how understanding mandala can open our hearts to a deeper experience of ourselves and our world.

Sign up now! There's a few in person places left. July in the heart of North Wales is waiting for you to step away from home life and hold you in retreat.

Any queries contact the Events Team at [email protected]ku.gro.sha@stneve we may not be able to help, but we'll always try!