Mandala Principle: Sunday Gathering

Let's join together to explore the intersections between vaster vision and the DHB themes!

Wed 07 Jun 2023

Sunday Gathering 25th June

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Mandala Principle is a gateway to a profound and mysterious teaching which can illuminate every aspect of our experience. At one level, it embodies the vast structure and dynamic of our whole universe.  And yet, if we know how to see, it manifests in the most ordinary and apparently mundane aspects of our lives.

In this session, Sherab will explore with us the dynamic and vibrant qualities of Mandala, focusing particularly on our individual Practice Mandala and how it relates to the vastness of the Mandala of who we truly are.

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For those who'd like to listen to last years Sunday Gathering talks again, Lodro has done a great job of collecting all the recordings onto this site, a treasure trove of Dharma gems!

Love, The Events Team