Sunday Gathering: Heart Wish and Death & Dying


Join Lama Tara for an exploration of the Discovering the Heart of Buddhism area of Heart Wish and how it intersects with this year's theme on Pranidhanas and Death & Dying.

‘Getting in touch with the heart wish, this place deep inside us that is the source of all our wishes, is at the heart of the path to Awakening and is our surest protection at death’

Lama Shenpen, There’s More to Dying than Death p 72.

We will be exploring together what it might mean to acknowledge, align, honour and celebrate our heart wish. How often do we stop and notice what it is we are wishing for?  What happens when we do this?  If we find this challenging, can we gently investigate this more?

We will be particularly wondering about how our heart wish can be our ‘surest protection at death’. How might this relate to the power of our intention and making resolves?