Lama Agnes Pollner

Lama Agnes met the Dharma in the mid-90ties through Triratna and then through her German teacher in the Tibetan tradition, Sylvia Wetzel. In 2000 she met Rigdzin Shikpo and became his student, being guided by him through the Dzogchen training “The Lion’s Roar“. She became a student of Lama Shenpen in 2003 and has been following her ever since. She was first authorized to teach by her German teacher in 2012. Lama Shenpen subsequently also gave her permission to teach and in 2018 in accordance with Lama Shenpen’s wishes
Lama Agnes established the Sangha “Herz der Dinge“as a Sister-Sangha to the AHS.

Lama Agnes has undertaken regular solitary retreats and translated many of Lama Shenpen’s teachings into German. She is part of the Shrimalagana and was made Lama by Lama Shenpen in 2022 together with Lama Dashon and Lama Tara.

Her professional background is dramatic art and voice. Embodiment and vocal expression therefore play an important role in her personal practice as well as in her teaching. She is also engaged in researching and bringing to attention the female lineage of the buddhist tradition. In line with that her book „Die Weibliche Seite des Buddha“ (The Female Side of Buddha) was published in 2008.