Sensitivity online study group - Discovering the Heart of Buddhism Course


This will be a weekly online study group course for students who engage with an online group mentor.

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Any queries please contact [email protected]ku.gro.sha@troppus  and remember to check your spam folder if you haven't received an email shortly before the start of the course. 

If you would like to purchase a Journal to add your reflections to on the exercises in the Sensitivity book, click here: Sensitivity Journal (an optional extra)

Sensitivity is the third fundamental quality of the Indestructible Heart Essence.  It is the quality that underlies and gives power to the heart wish. 

It has three main aspects:  sensitivity, responsiveness and a sense of well-being.  You could say it is the goodness of the Indestructible Heart Essence itself, which manifests as our love of beauty, truth, freedom and play.  It is the power of love and compassion and its nature is happiness or bliss.  When it is distorted it is experienced as pain, suffering, unsatisfactoriness and all the negative emotions.