Heart Wish online study group - Discovering the Heart of Buddhism Course


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This will be a weekly online study group course for students who engage with an online group mentor.

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 Any queries please contact [email protected]ku.gro.sha@troppus  and remember to check your spam folder if you haven't received an email shortly before the start of the course.  

If you would like to purchase a Journal to add your reflections to on the exercises in the Heart Wish book, click here: Heart Wish Journal (an optional extra)

The aim is to awaken the heart's deepest wish for our own happiness and the happiness of others and to let this resonate and expand throughout the whole structure and dynamic (Sanskrit: mandala) of our life and being.

In the theme, the Indestructible Heart Essence, we explore the chitta – the heart/mind - as the seat of our deepest longings and sense of truth. We are calling this the Heart Wish. It is Heart Wish intrinsic to the openness, clarity and sensitivity of our being. Taking it as a separate theme enables us to explore aspects of our life experience and practice that concern volition, motivation, our power to give and keep our word, our power to persevere on the path until awakening and the ultimate expression of the heart essence of our being in the Endless Compassionate Vision of the Buddhas.

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