Coming together- Zoom links

Khenpo Rinpoche in prayer

Dear friends

The preivous Zoom links for us coming together to strengthen our connection to Rinpoche were incorrect. Please accept our apologies for any confusion yesterday.

Please use these instead:

You are invited to join us for all or any of our daily practice:

7 am - Morning Puja   (liturgy) -   Zoom link

9 am - Shakyamuni Sadhana (liturgy) - Zoom link

10.15 am - Mahamudra Pranidhana  (liturgy) - Zoom Link

1.45 pm - Apramanas - Zoom link

5pm - Samantabhadracharya Pranidhana  (liturgy) - Zoom link

7.30 pm - Evening Puja -(liturgy)  Zoom link

8.35pm - Mahāmudrā Sadhana (for those with the transmission, the link will be sent to you separately)

At the end of each session we will also sing KTGR Guru Yoga:

All appearances are appearance-emptiness, the enlightened form of the guru.
All sounds resound as sound and emptiness, the supreme speech of the guru.
All thoughts and memories are clarity-emptiness, the guru’s supreme
enlightened mind.
You are from stopping and creating free—guru, please think of me.
Guru of equality, please think of me.

Spoken by Dechen Rangdrol, San Diego, California,
December 22, 2003. Translated by Ari Goldfield. 

Click here for the tune sung by Lama Dashon

With Warmth