May Full Moon Feast

Join us to celebrate!

Our Full Moon Feast will be celebrated at the Hermitage this Thursday 23rd May starting at 5:00 GMT. This month it coincides with Saga Dawa Düchen when the results of all our actions are said to be multiplied. You're very welcome to join us online or inperson. We'll be doing the full feast practice and Lama Agnes is helping cook the feast, hurray! 

If you're local and able to join The Hermitage in person, please email [email protected]ku.gro.sha@egatimreh so we know how many places to arrange.

The Full Moon Feast offering will use the full feast liturgy, it will last a few hours. Everyone is very welcome to attend. 

It will be a lovely opportunity to join together and practise, remembering and celebrating heart connections. To practise and feast together brings us back to our interrelatedness and also strengthens our connection with the lineage. 

On Thursday: Join the feast on zoom!

And here are the links to liturgy you'll need:

Feast Liturgy
Khenpo Rinpoche Long Life Prayer
AHS Song Book

The feast involves about 45 minutes of liturgy (mostly in English) and then eating, drinking (soft drinks) and merry-making. If it's your first time joining our full moon feast you can read more about it on these links:

More About Feast Offering
Setting up a Feast at Home
Feast Entertainment

Lama Shenpen & The Hermitage Team