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Jayasiddhi and K-tso

As some of you may have heard, after three years of dedicated service, Jayasiddhi and K-tso are moving on to new but familiar pastures, having decided against extending their contracts at the Hermitage and agreed to take on leadership roles at Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia. 

Although they are leaving the Hermitage, we'll still see them here and there, as they remain committed members of the Mahayanagana and students of Lama Shenpen.

Jayasiddhi and K-tso came as volunteers to the Hermitage  in November 2020, then the following Spring, they accepted a contract to stay and work until June '24. This was during a challenging period of Covid lockdowns and worked so hard to keep things on a steady course. Their time at the Hermitage covered a backdrop of so much change, with Lama Shenpen and Tara in poor health for much of that time. They have been a reassuring, reliable and stable presence, Jayasiddhi as Hermitage Manager has been taking care of everything from planning applications for retreat cabins and the Meditation temple hall, to keeping the ditches clean, managing volunteers and everything in between. K-tso has been the main support for Lama Shenpen, a multi-disciplined role of secretary and on-call for whatever is needed attendant, organising Lama's calendar, learning to drive on the other side of the road so that she could help drive Lama around, transcribing recordings of Lama's teachings, helping with Hermitage activity and much more.

I think I can speak for all of us in offering our thanks for their kindness and considerate stewardship of our teacher and sacred space. 

Personally, I always felt like I could rely on them to support my recent retreat - whatever needed doing, I could call on them and trust that my needs would be taken care of.

They will be missed and we wish them both much happiness, fulfillment and dharmic nourishment in their new home and new roles. Gampo Abbey will be a familiar environment, as that is where they met and have spent a number of years living and working there already.

Jayasiddhi is currently handing over to Tamsin Smith, who will pick up the reins at the hermitage for the next 6 months or so. Tamsin is a long standing practitioner, who completed a three year retreat. She is a student of HE Khandro Rinpoche and lives local to the Hermitage. 

They will be moving on at the end of June, but will still be in the country for a few months yet, so you have plenty of time to say your farewells.

Thanks to them both for everything, may our connections deepen as we find our way to the centre of the Mandala of Awakening.