Mebar's monthly focus

Fri 01 Mar 2024

Dear Sangha Friends.

Happy St David's Day from here in windy Wales! After a month of semi-retreat for myself,  and the January retreat for those onliners who joined Katie and Younten exploring the wonderful Mahamudra Pranidhana, we’re getting into the swing of the new year by looking towards this revisioning year.

I’ve been looking at different ways of working within a team and how we can be more collaborative together. As you may be aware we have various working teams within the AHS, including Events, Student Support, Mentors, Vows etc… with much of our work overlapping, meaning that we need to have a good flow of communication to ensure that we’re all pulling in the same direction (so to speak). From a DHB (Discovering the Heart of Buddhism) perspective this feels very connected to the Heart Wish, in fact all of us working within the AHS are doing so from this place of longing to bring the Dharma into the world. So, I have high hopes for us beginning a new way of working that benefits us and all beings!

You may have noticed that there’s a current project underway of launching the monthly Sangha News article, where you can find all the information about what events and courses are coming up, this is being generously organised by a few volunteers who feel inspired to create a flow of information and strengthen a sense of community. We are open to suggestions for ideas as to how or what you’d like included, so please feel free to contact Damzig ( [email protected]ku.gro.sha@gizmad ) , this is very much a community project and as such your input is very important.

We are fortunate as a sangha that we have people who are willing and able to offer their time and skills, to take a phrase from Lama Dashon “there is no us and them, just us”. We are creating the sangha we want together. Adopting this attitude means that we will support those who have an idea or would like to create a dharma activity, it can lead to a more creative sangha which we’re all invested in, how amazing is that!!

From the end of March there will be a few of us looking at revisioning for the Sangha, which will be ongoing throughout this year.  So, with Spring fast approaching this feels like a time of change and a chance for a renewed blossoming of the AHS, I’m very much looking forward to seeing the activity our discussions lead to. May the activity of the AHS be of benefit to all!

Warm wishes, Mebar ( [email protected]ku.gro.sha@rabem )