Events 2024

A few changes.....

Hello friends,

The 2024 events calendar will be published early next week. We’re making some changes to the way you'll now register for an event that you can read about below. This is part of a process of trying out different ways of managing events and we’re keen to hear your thoughts so please get in touch with  [email protected]ku.gro.sha@stneve if you have any feedback.

You will be asked to choose to book to attend either online or in-person at the Hermitage. If you are attending in-person, you will be asked to provide details of your visit. If you don’t know the exact details at the time of booking, don’t worry, just provide us with your best estimate, to help us plan, and you can confirm your travel plans nearer the time.

You will also be invited to make a donation to the sangha when you book. Events and retreats are our way of requesting and drawing down the teachings. We understand that everyone finds themselves in different financial circumstances and want to emphasise the importance of simply giving something, as a means of energy exchange, in opening to receive the teachings. 

Each event will now provide a suggested donation amount.  If it is within your means to offer more, this supports the sangha to continue to offer the teachings on a donation basis so that they are available to all. For others, a small amount can be a generous portion of the means they have available and will be gratefully and joyfully received.

Our presence and our practice are in themselves an important way of supporting sangha events and we hope you can join us to practise together and strengthen our dharma connections in 2024.