Death and Dying Bulletin

Death & Dying Bulletin

Fri 17 Nov 2023

Dear students of the AHS.

 In 2024 Death and Pranidhanas will be the theme for us to reflect on. This is just to let you know what's planned for the next few months from the Death and Dying team.

1. More to Dying than Death book study starts January 16th for 12 weeks. In Lama Shenpen Hookham’s book ‘There’s more to Dying than Death’, Lama invites us to radically transform our relationship with death. In doing so, she points to a deeper experience of being alive.

This course will be a group study with a trained mentor; the course can also be run in small groups or as a course of self-study with a 1:1 mentor.

Lama Shenpen is very keen that we all engage with this, please listen to the following audio clip in which she introduces the course :  Lama Shenpen Introducing More to Dying than Death Course

 Places are limited but the course will run again in the Spring. If you want to self study this course or be a part of a smaller group, please contact: [email protected]ku.gro.sha@troppus

To register please visit the course website

2. Death Buddies

We are currently trialing a Death Buddy initiative with the MYG:

A system for Sangha members to have the contact numbers of two other students, who would support the family of the dying/dead student.

Planning while we are healthy towards our own death and letting our death buddy’s  know are plans.

Telling our loved one’s who our death buddies are.

Death buddy’s would contact the Hermitage  to put our name on the dedication list.

DB’s would be  prepared to practice for the dying or deceased.

DB’s would support the family by talking about the Buddhist perspective on death if the family  are open to it.

Helping with the practical aspects of the funeral, if requested by the family.

There is a funeral plan on the death and dying site that can be adapted

There is a  contact name of a Buddhist solicitor  who can  help us write our wills

Training talks by Deikyi on how to lead a funeral  service are on the Death and dying site.

 Discussion where we want our remains scattered or buried. The Memorial Garden at the Hermitage is a possibility.

All of these above topics are covered in Lama’s book  ‘More to dying than death’ , so all we need to do is refer to it but be prepared to help each other and support our families. If you are in the wider Sangha and would be interested in this please contact: [email protected]ku.gro.sha@troppus

3. Death Cafes

You are invited to our next Death Cafe on the 13th December  from 7:00 - 8:00pm where we will talk about death and dying. There is no agenda, objectives or themes. It is an opportunity for open discussion, a chance to explore our questions, fears, fantasies and our experiences of death. 

Come and join Dawa if...

You are curious about death

You are scared of dying or of losing the people you love

You want to explore how you feel and what your beliefs are about what happens after we die

You have experienced the death of someone close or have been impacted by someone dying

You want to talk about your own death, even if it feels scary or strange

There will be a maximum of 10 participants, members of the public will be joining us. 

To register please visit the course website


4. Death & Dying Site

Further information can be found via the link below,

Our Death and Dying website is where you can find information these courses as well as information about what support and resources are available in the Sangha for approaching and experiencing dying and bereavement, together with links to Lama's teachings and to other resources. 

Much love to you all

Dawa Ozer