Vaster Vision 6th - 8th October

Join us in person or online!

Thu 21 Sep 2023

Lama Shenpen and Katie Morrow are offering an exciting opportunity to join them either online or in person to explore Vaster Vision, delving into The Mahayana Sutra Principles for inspiration. Join them for a weekend exploring the possibility of opening ourselves to such a vision.

'Knowing about the vaster vision revealed by Awakened beings is a way of deepening our motivation to penetrate to the very heart of reality.  Without this vision we might be content with some lesser goal and never realise our full potential to help others. For example, we might think that we had achieved the goal simply by being somewhat more open, clear and sensitive than we had been previously.  This would stop us seeking further and give us a false sense of security.  But the vaster vision protects us from complacency, suggesting there might be more to Awakening than we thought, prompting us to look deeper. .......The vaster vision provides suggestions to us that we can explore. ...It's not that we need to take it all on board and 'sign on the dotted line'.  Rather, by listening to the teachings coming down to us through the tradition, we are encouraged to explore possibilities and facets of our experience that our existing entrenched view of the world told us were unimportant.'
         - Lama Shenpen in 'Living the Awakened Heart'

Everyone is welcome, Click here for more information.