Sensitivity: DLA Teaching Day

Let's join together to explore the intersections between our everyday lives and the DHB themes!

Thu 14 Jul 2022

Sunday Gathering: Sensitivity led by Lama Tara 24th July

This month, you are all very welcome to join Lama Tara to explore the theme of Sensitivity and daily life practice. Feel free to attend as much of the day as you are able to. We will be looking at such questions as - how can we become more sensitive to ourselves, to others, to the situations around us? How do we learn to respond rather than react? What does it mean to be 'over-sensitive'? How do we relate to pain, suffering and difficulties in our lives, and is it possible to link into a quality of well-being or aliveness in all our experience even in the midst of suffering? Answers may not be as important as the questions themselves and the journey they lead us on together!

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Love, The Events Team