Awake at Work Course

Bringing our practice into our work life.

Tue 28 Jun 2022

Dear Friends

We have an exciting new course coming in September:

An eight week course with Jayasiddhi, exploring how we bring our Buddhist practice into our work life, and our work life into our Buddhist practice. 

This is a practical course and is intended for sangha members who are active in the world of work. It will include reflecting upon our experience of work, keeping a reflection journal, sharing our reflections in discussion groups and using mind training slogans in our work environment.

Here we have an opportunity to share the challenges and joys of our work life as together we seek to "discover clarity and balance in the midst of work's chaos".


Awake at Work

Online course

with Jayasiddhi Jameson

Wednesdays 7pm 7 Sep - 2 Nov 2022

If you would like further information then please contact Jayasiddhi -


With Warmth