The Five Wisdoms in Daily Life Practice

Join our next Event 13th - 15th May!

Sat 30 Apr 2022

Join us online as we delve into the magical qualities of the Five Wisdoms and learn how we can draw on those in our daily lives. 

"Our Buddha Nature expresses itself through our personal mandala of body, speech and mind.  The skandhas are not our self because they are impermanent and changing and yet our personal mandala, which consists of body, speech and mind, is none other than our changeless Buddha Nature. What then is the difference between the skandhas that are not our self and our personal mandala that is not other than the Primordial Buddha or Buddha Nature with its innumerable amazing qualities?  These qualities are summed up as the five wisdoms or Buddha ‘families’ – distinct clusters of magical qualities that give our life meaning, beauty and power." Lama Shenpen

This will be an online Event with our German Sangha, teachings will be in English with German translation. Find out more information and also book on the AHS Events page.