Welcome back to the Hermitage

A gradual reopening after Covid

Thu 21 Apr 2022

Dear All,

We are in the process of loosening our Covid restrictions at the Hermitage and are looking forward to welcoming more of you back here this year!

The process of opening up started at the end of last year when we began hosting in person retreats once again, albeit with a lengthy self isolation period before retreatants were able to join Lama Shenpen and the community in the Shrine Room.

Earlier this year we shortened the isolation period to 5 days and more recently down to 4 days. We hope to reduce the self isolation period to 3 days in the very near future, making it much more practical for people to join the Hermitage for shorter events.

Our plan for the Vow Takers Weekend (11-12 June) is that those Vow Takers who attend in person will take a lateral flow test before arriving at the Hermitage, but will not require any self isolation period before taking part fully in the event.

We will review how our opening up process is working in mid June. 

Providing everything is going to plan and there have been no unforeseen spikes in infection rates or new variants, we hope that access to the Hermitage will be very much back to normal from mid June onwards with the August DHB retreat being open in the normal way (in addition to being available as an online event). 

In the meantime we continue to welcome volunteers outdoors for gardening days and day visitors to the stupa garden (please email  urezvgntr@nuf.bet.hxku.gro.sha@egatimreh  to arrange). Day visitors are welcome to use the Pavillion for meditation and shelter from the glorious Welsh sunshine, and we are happy to supply tea and biscuits.

We have missed you, do come and visit!


Jayasiddhi & the Hermitage Team