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Join our next retreat 8th - 16th April

Fri 01 Apr 2022

This retreat is an opportunity to spend many hours practising together in spirit even if not in the same room.  

As we sit as simply as we can with Wake Heart Open Be – even if our minds don’t feel that peaceful – we are tapping into our true nature which is primordially at peace.  Thoughts and feelings are not what they seem to us now – as we turn towards them and welcome them into our awareness their true nature is able to reveal itself as primordial peace – this is the insight that liberates.  As our confidence in this nature – this living truth of Openness Clarity and Sensitivity grows through formless meditation practice – so our ability to acknowledge, align with, honour and celebrate it grows and can carry over into our daily lives in a multitude of ways – ways we may barely be aware of and yet powerfully transforming our lives and the lives of others. 

Lama Shenpen will introduce the retreat and Katie, Sherab, Five and Lama Agnes will be there to give guidance in meditation and facilitate the retreat from day to day. There will be periods of self-study and reflection as well as group meditation sessions and discussions.  Lama Shenpen is likely to give a session towards the end of the retreat to answer questions that came up during the retreat.

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