Sunday Gathering - "Now is the time" ... reflecting on time, impermanence and death

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It’s not hard to see that everything is impermanent.  Our world seems to be in a constant state of rising and falling, beginning and ceasing, growing and dying, like a restless ocean.  And our own lives are much the same – birth, a short period of ceaseless change, then death. 

In this session – taking our cue from Trusting the Heart of Buddhism – we are invited to explore how this view of unceasing change is only the beginning of our insight into impermanence.  And how, as we look more closely, we may come to see our lives – and our deaths – very differently.

Further details will be added closer to the time of the event.


7.00 - 8.00

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Morning Puja (Liturgy p14 & KTGR Guru Yoga)

Shakyamuni Puja 

Individual practice and reflection

Formless meditation

Space for break and arrivals

Main teaching session

Tea break and chat

Evening puja (Liturgy p23, KTGR Guru Yoga & Song book)