Living The Awakened Heart Training – Insight

Cherwell Centre, Oxford
Five Cram

The Eye of Awareness with Five Cram


"Looking again and again... at the Citta that cannot be looked at." How do we even approach looking at the only thing we ever experience? We live in the conceptual world we construct from Awareness, yet our only means of looking is with Awareness itself. Is this an impenetrable koan? Five will lead some awareness exercises designed to set us off in a fruitful direction.

A meditation weekend based in Living The Awakened Heart training – area 2, Insight

If you have any queries just email me on wnarerrq21@tznvy.pbzmoc.liamg@12deerenaj

Jane Reed  Oxford Weekend Co-ordinator

I have recently decided to use my usual name Jane in the Sangha as she has now to some extent caught up with Pamo  (my much treasured refuge name)!




Online participation possible