Sensitivity & Apramanas

Let's join together to explore the intersections between vaster vision and the DHB themes!

Tue 08 Aug 2023

Sunday Gathering 27th August 2023

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‘Our true nature is to delight in others’ - Lama Shenpen

Join Namka and Lama Tara to explore the practice of the Apramanas - the Four Immeasurables - from the point of view of the Sensitivity theme of DHB and touching on how this relates to the vaster vision. 

Lama Shenpen in DHB Sensitivity says: ‘Compassion is active and communicative: it seeks to free others by all manner of skilful means ... In the absence of a limited sense of self, the sense of separation between self and others disappears and so one’s wish for freedom and happiness extends to all sentient life. This is the vaster vision of the totally liberated, spontaneous play of the Awakened heart that is Endless Compassionate Vision.’

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For those who'd like to listen to last year’s Sunday Gathering talks again, Lodro has done a great job of collecting all the recordings onto this site, a treasure trove of Dharma gems!

Love, The Events Team