DHB Retreat: Confidence

Hermitage of the Awakened Heart, North Wales & online

An event for all.

Confidence: Gaining confidence in the Indestructible Heart Essence

This retreat offers an opportunity to spend time together exploring the DHB theme of Confidence. Everyone is welcome, including AHS members and also non-members or those new to the sangha. There is the opportunity to join in person at the Hermitage or online from home. We will be linking the theme of confidence with our meditation and daily life awareness and will also explore how it relates to the practices of body awareness and love and compassion.

“While this theme focuses on Confidence, in a sense you could think of all your learning in Discovering the Heart of Buddhism as being about gaining confidence in the Indestructible Heart Essence. In fact you could think that the whole of the path is about that!” Lama Shenpen DHB Confidence coursebook page 1

- The time table includes daily teachings, meditation sessions with meditation guidance for those who would like it. There will also be an option to participate in Body Awareness explorations.

- The timetable has been planned to allow space for individual practice, opportunities for discussion, reflection and private study.

- Interviews with Lama Tara, Namka and Younten will be available. Lama Shenpen also hopes to offer a Q&A session.

Please note that you will need a copy of the Confidence Book so if you do not already have a copy please order one from Dawa at  fhccbeg@nuf.bet.hxku.gro.sha@troppus  . If you have not signed up as an AHS student we ask that you consider making a donation (£5 - 10) to cover the cost of the book.

Any queries contact the Events Team at riragf@nuf.bet.hxku.gro.sha@stneve