Confidence: Daily Life Awareness teaching day


An Event for current and past students of the Sangha.

We will be hosting a series of Sunday Gatherings this year to explore the intersections between our everyday lives and the DHB themes. Each session will include some time for practice, an exploration of a DHB exercise or reflection and time to discuss with fellow students how the DHB theme manifests in our lives. This is a wonderful opportunity to set ourselves up each week and to allow our collective reflections to guide our lives. In March, we'll explore Confidence.

“The whole path of Awakening revolves around and returns to confidence in our Indestructible Heart Essence” Lama Shenpen, Confidence.

And yet most of us are here on the path because of our experience of losing confidence, lacking confidence, especially in something we can truly rely on. On this practice day, we will explore where are we on this journey of gaining genuine confidence, including how we experience confidence in our body.

This month the day will be led by Namka, we do hope you can join us!

Further information will be sent out nearer the time to those who've registered. Any queries email we may not be able to help, but we'll always try!