Lojong Training the Mind

Shambhala, London
Lama Shenpen Hookham

Training the Mind - Cultivating Compassion

Shambhala Centre




Saturday 3rd October

10 am - 6.00 pm


A rare chance to hear Lama Shenpen give teachings on lojong. 

Lama Shenpen will discuss how our thinking can affect the way we approach Dharma and life. We can learn to see the world as it truly is - vast, interpenetrating and compassionate.

We will discover how to integrate meditation with the vast view, and how it relates to the famous teachings on Mind training.


The day will consist of teachings, group discussion and meditation sessions.

Lama will also give one to one meditation instruction interviews for those who request it, either on Saturday at the centre or during the day on Sunday in Finchley. Interviews must be booked.


There may also be the possibility of attending a book launch for Lama’s book “Keeping the Dalai Lama waiting”. Details to be confirmed.


Spaces are limited to 35 and so we are making this available to AHS students before publicising more widely. 


It is essential to book early if you want to secure a place on this day. 

More details to follow. 

Please complete the booking form here

For booking queries email   fgrcunve@cubarpbbc.pbbooc.poocenohp@riahpets p

Online participation possible